Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Range..

Isn't it funny how things tend to happen in a series? I've done a couple of wedding commissions recently and also been asked whether I do a Wedding Range. It's got me thinking! The commissions I've completed have had quite specific looks/themes and hence it's been a fun/colourful and dare I say - easy - experience. A 'range' on the other hand needs to appeal to a wider market.

I dragged out some photos to see what I and my friends/family have worn on our own wedding days for some inspiration. Bitterly disappointed at my own  effort - just pearl earrings and a gold chain borrowed from my 'Best Girl'! In my defence, I made my own dress and so was completely focussed on that and not detracting from the back detail and flowers in my hair... did that sound convincing? No, I didn't think so!

I do have heaps of ideas, but would really appreciate your feeback too ...  what jewellery did you wear at your wedding, and what made you choose it?  Or what would you wear (if not married!), Or what do you wish you'd worn?  Any thoughts welcome, please pop a comment here. If  I receive more than 15 comments (here and on Facebook combined) by 30 March, I will do a draw and giveaway a pair of earrings as a thank you.


  1. Sorry to be rather traditional. I wore simple pearl earrings and a silver chain with a pearl on it. My bridesmaids had freshwater pearl necklaces. I think I might wear something a bit more dazzling now though. A bunch of shiny stones hanging from a simple long chain would be nice with earrings to match - almost like a bouquet of stones. I think it is a good idea to have a wedding range!

  2. Hi, I did not wear any jewellery at all,I made my own dress,cream muslin with cream lace.So gold would have suited that dress I am thinking. Cheers Marie


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