Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's all about Paua!..

Well, not all about paua.  There's freshwater pearls, czech faceted beads, czech pressed flowers & leaves, swarovski bicones and lots of seed beads as well!

I've been working on some new embellished paua bracelets and pendants the last couple of weeks and I just love them.  There's something about taking plain (but beautiful) paua and watching the iridescent colours really come out as you add the beads and pearls - magic!  Paua is GORGEOUS!!  And to think we're the only country in the world to have it.  Abalone is related and has a lovely subtle silvery quality, but there's nothing around like New Zealand South Island paua.  Sigh... so proud to be a Kiwi!

I've also been having a play with artistic coloured wire and paua/pearls/crystals.  I made a necklace some time ago which sold before I had even photographed it properly so I'm relying on some rough design sketches to make a series featuring crochet and knit (wire).  It probably sounds a little wierd but honestly the finished article looks great!  Here's a snap of a work in progress...

Thank you so much to the lovely people who left comments re a Wedding Jewellery range and what you wore on your own Wedding day.  Just short of the required no. to do an earrings giveaway sadly, but I so appreciate your feedback and ideas :).    Lots of design ideas have sprung up (you should see all of the little bits of paper I've drawn ideas on at the oddest times and places - work, kids swimming lessons, middle of the night etc!).  I will be starting work on the new range in the next few weeks with hair accessories (hair vines, spiral, and pins), earrings, and necklaces the focus. 

Somewhere in between all this creating I also have to find time to get my new website up and running.  Signed up today and now just (JUST!) have to select all the features I want, the template etc, and upload products.  Thank you Bobbie and Amanda for your feedback on your website experiences - you both sold me!  (my current website is still operational by the way...

Hope you all have a very happy and relaxed (and creative!) Easter.

Mel x


  1. OH, I do love the middle picture, the soft pinky and green hues, cheers Marie

  2. Glad I could help with your internet host decision making. I love the colours in the bracelet at the top by the way. Have a wonderful long weekend! :)


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