Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dessert to Die For!!

OK, I'm not one to rave about recipes but I made this today and it is the abolute best and easiest dessert ever - I just have to share it!! (I figure this is OK to publish as it was in Mindfood mag which I quickly copied out while my lovely hairdresser applied foils - he's so patient!!) So... it's a Frozen Strawberry Meringue Torte.. and goes like this...
Base: 150g biscuits, finely crumbed and mixed with 2 tabs melted butter. Line a spring form tin and press base mixture in evenly.
Filling: 2 egg whites at room temp, 250g fresh, ripe sliced strawberries, 1 tab lemon juice, 1 teas vanilla. Beat all together with and electric beater for about 6-8 minutes until mix is very thick, pink and fluffy and sugar is dissolved. Spoon over prepared base, smooth the top (it can be made a month ahead)., cover and freeze for at least 4 hours.
Topping: 250g strawberries, sliced, 3 tabs sugar, 1 tab orange juice. Mix berries with sugar and orange juice and leave to macerate for ½ an hour-2 hours.
Take the Torte out of the freezer 40 minutes before serving and put topping on.
(Note: Torte can be refrozen)
With the whole gluten free (me) and avoiding dairy (Daniel), I used Eskal gluten-free biscuits, and rice bran spread instead of butter and it worked at treat! YUMMMMMYYYY!

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